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Lucart EcoNatural 135 (852226)

23,00 €
23,00 €
23,00 €

A two-ply industrial towel made from 100% cellulose sourced through the revolutionary recycling process of "Tetra Pak" packaging commonly known as a "carton" for milk, juice or other beverage.

The paper's natural light brown color reflects the color of pure cellulose fibers that are not chemically bleached. It is ideal both as a hairdressing or cosmetic towel and as a cleaning cloth in auto repair shops.

Approved for contact with food.

Product honored with Ecolabel certificate.

A roll of about 135 meters long and 30 cm wide contains 450 leaves of super-absorbent cleaning cloth.

Number of pieces per commercial package: 6.

Product code: 852226A